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We'll help you achieve a better work-life balance by providing expert assistance for all your personal and business needs –– at a fraction of the price of a traditional personal assistant.

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With a collective experience of over 18 years and spanning the military, government, nonprofit, and private sectors, Go Digital Hero is fully equipped with the tools, knowledge, and passion to help you thrive both at work and at home.

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Service-Disabled Veteran Owned

Certified LGBT Business Enterprise


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Efficiency, redefined.

Whatever your professional role, we will provide the best-quality virtual assistant for you to ensure top productivity at work without compromising on a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle at home.

Inbox & Calendar


The goal of inbox management is to keep the inbox organized, free of clutter, and to ensure that all important messages are addressed in a timely manner helping to improve productivity, reduce stress, and prevent important messages from being missed.

Social Media


The process of overseeing, implementing, and executing a brand's social media strategy that may involve, publishing, and managing content on social media platforms to build and maintain the brand's online presence, increase engagement, and drive traffic.



Project management involves the planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Travel & Vacation

Planning, organizing, and executing travel arrangements for individuals or groups that may include activities such as booking flights, hotels, transportation, and activities, as well as managing itineraries, travel budgets, and ensuring that all aspects of the trip run smoothly.

Hero VIP Day
Done for you in a day

This type of service is designed to be efficient and quick, and typically focuses on tasks that can be accomplished within a single day.. We can wrap up that punch list that you have been adding to but not doing.



The goal of administrative consulting is to help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to focus on their core business activities and achieve their long-term objectives.

Choose your plan

What works for the seasoned executive won't necessarily work for the newly incorporated entrepreneur and so it's with that in mind that we've packaged some of our more commonly requested service levels. Of course we can still service beyond these packages with customized packages to suit your business requirements.

Starter Hero

For Individuals:
Busy Professionals, Small Business Owners


20 hours per 30-days

30-min Onboarding

Collaborative Consumption

Weekly Usage Report

2-hour response time

1 User

Executive Hero

For Teams:
Authors, Speakers, Real Estate Agents


35 hours per 30-days

Starter Package +

1-dedicated hour per week

Up to 5 hours rollover

2-hour response time

2-3 Users

Premium Hero

For Groups:
Non-profits, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs


60 hours per 30-days

Executive Package +

2-dedicated hours per week

Up to 10 hours rollover

1-hour response time

3+ Users

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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer




Senior Project Administrator


Chief Barketing Hero


Executive Assistant to CEO








Barketing Hero


What they say about us


Irving Gil Designs

"They are the premier
VA service. "


Natural Medical Solutions

"They are the premier
VA service. "


Ms. Dee Dee's After School

"I had nothing to worry about and the end product was perfect!!!"

Frequently Ask Questions

What tasks can a Digital Hero handle?

A Digital Hero can handle a wide range of tasks, including administrative tasks such as email management, data entry, scheduling appointments, and social media management. They can also perform more complex tasks such as research, data analysis, and bookkeeping, depending on their skills and experience.

What are the working hours of a Digital Hero?

The working hours of a Digital Hero can vary depending on the time zone of the client and the Digital Hero. Regular business hours are 9:00am -5:00pm Eastern or Pacific to accommodate the clients time zone.

How do I train a Digital Hero for my specific needs?

To train a Digital Hero for your specific needs, you should provide clear instructions and guidelines on the tasks you need help with, the tools and software they will be using, and any relevant information about your business or personal life. Regular check-ins and feedback can also help ensure that the Digital Hero is meeting your expectations.

How do I ensure the security and confidentiality of my data with Go Digital Hero?

To ensure the security and confidentiality of your data with Go Digital Hero, we regularly monitor our systems with Atro. Atro has over 30 years of combined experience in cyber security and build from the best frameworks in the world. They follow industry-leading and government-recognized security and compliance best practices. Your data and privacy entrusted to us is the utmost importance to Go Digital Hero

FAQ image

Can a Digital Hero handle more complex tasks, such as data analysis or bookkeeping?

Yes, your Digital Hero has the skills and experience to handle more complex tasks, such as data analysis and bookkeeping.

How do I manage and monitor the work of my Digital Hero?

To manage and monitor the work of your Digital Hero, a weekly usage report is emailed on Fridays NLT Noon Eastern Time. Regular weekly check-ins are scheduled to ensure that their work is meeting your expectations.

What is the typical turnaround time for tasks assigned to a Digital Hero?

The typical turnaround time for tasks assigned to a Digital Hero can vary widely depending on the complexity of the task, the workload and their schedule. We pride ourselves on our 2-hour response time to acknowledge the task to give you peace of mind. Some tasks, such as scheduling appointments or sending emails, can typically be completed within a few hours or a day. Other tasks, such as research projects or data analysis, may take several days or even a week or more, depending on their complexity and the amount of time required.

In general, it's important to set clear expectations and deadlines for tasks assigned to a Digital Hero, and to communicate regularly with them to ensure that the work is progressing as expected. This can help to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner, and can help to minimize any delays or misunderstandings.

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Go Digital Hero LLC is a Veteran, Minority, LGBT-Owned Personal Virtual Assistant Enterprise. For busy professionals who are consumed with time-consuming tedious administration tasks, who are dissatisfied with an assistant they do no relate to nor can trust.  Go Digital Hero is equipped with 18+ years of Military, Government, Nonprofit, and Private Industry experience aim to provide busy professionals, non-profits, start-ups, and entrepreneurs a path to work-life balance via quality personal virtual administrative support. Unlike other virtual assistant companies, Go Digital Hero is US-Based, US-Owned, and US-Operated safeguarding your tasks and data. Our heroes are ready to be your hero, so you can be a hero to your team, family, & self.​

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